Signsmith weekends… The two most important days in your life –


“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain



Getting you on the right track from day-1

Our short-courses focus on all the key areas of signwriting practice including modern wehey, yeeha retro styles, classic sans-serifs, pure Romans and latin cursive scripts.

As a beginner you will explore not just lettering but sign project creation, idea generation and sign-design. You will be developing your typographic innovation skills and applying these to your unique personal projects, throughout the studio workshop.

And of course you will be learning how to paint beautiful, authentic signwriten letters, using the classic ‘6 shapes’ and new NGS consolidated techniques, designed to get results.

All of this framed up in some seriously real-life contexts and frankly hilarious up-the-ladder anecdotes! 

What You’ll need

  • Print outs of letters and alphabets you like on A3
  • Journal
  • Ideas and enthusiasm!
  • Read up about Trajan Imperial Roman capitals and Edward Johnston
  • Check out the work of former students Tobias Newbigin, Josh Stika, Jack Hollands and Daisy Emerson


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Above: Nina Cornwall is using the NGS Surefire brush for the very first time… she broke through with this brush and I caught the moment on my handset. A week later she earned 750 quid in 2 days as a pro letterer at Olympia, London. She’s not alone. Many students do this. More importantly she now has the confidence to win projects and execute them to the highest standard.

Dozens of others including Daisy Emerson and Jack Hollands have done exactly the same thing in the NGS studio… many are now leading and developing entirely new areas of the rapidly expanding sign arts.

The retail sign marketplace is growing into new areas such as hand finishes graphics and vintage chalkboards. This is the new heyday of signpainting and I have worked incredibly hard to feed and rebuild this craft.

Join the collective.

Signsmiths gilding and lettering course London UK 007

From the first moments, you will lose yourself in letters.

Make those first steps in the NGS studio and you’ll go far. It won’t take a lifetime, but it will last one.

Nick Garrett

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Noel Weber USA A book filled with knowledge, Fun to read and learn from.

Dave Smith UK Great little book with plenty of knowledge of this old craft. Thanks also for including me inside Nick Garrett a keeper for years to come for the younger generation.

Anne McDonald NZ  Fantastic book. I love mine to bits. Thank you Nick Garrett

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