What you’ll need


Chill! We’ve got it all covered

…so no real need to rush out and buy kit yet… however if you do feel the urge here’s a preliminary list of a few essential for yr hamper.

  • Sable writers: chisel brushes from The Brushman or A S Handover 2112 series
  • Mahl stick
  • Pallet – small
  • Dippers
  • 1Shot signwriting paints – A S Handover


What You’ll need for Day 1

  • Print outs of letters and alphabets you like on A3
  • Journal
  • Ideas and enthusiasm!
  • Read up about Trajan Imperial Roman capitals and Edward Johnston
  • Check out the work of former students Tobias Newbigin, Josh Stika, Jack Hollands and Daisy Emerson

Free course book

Book Cover NGS Bones of Painted Letters Book 1 copia

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