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The pure beauty of good solid lettering skills

NGS – Made in London – the signwriter builders

Made entirely on location in London





Learning with Nick Garrett of NGS – A Signwriting artist based in London.

I started lettering in 1981 as a London pub gilder. Gilding fine letters all day and often all night too.

Today I continue to train and mentor students the same way I was taught, while producing some of the most refined, classical signwriting in the world. Teaching and learning how to teach better every time I face a student, is now the heart of my professional practice. 

If you want the very best start.


Below: NGS truecut writers out there, Tobias Newbigin, Jack Hollands, Dawn, Kevin Roberts, Dave King and Nina piling on the style in the NGS training programs all now solid pros!


I know how scary and challenging it can be starting out, making headway out there and heading up the ladder. It’s also a lot of fun!


You have to take calculated risks and make 2 smart decisions early on: 1. get the right brushes. 2. Get the right teacher.  

For you the first jump is probably happening as you read my words. Deciding who to train with.

To help make that choice easier I have made this course work artistically and commercially for the student from the start. I have kept the prices as low as I can while running a studio in London. I have pushed my teaching methodology through the roof analysing every move you and your brush will make. Thousands of hours filling my teaching notes which grew into my first book. It’s that important to me.

It is a course designed to work.



Nick Garrett was absolutely amazing during his sign-painting course this weekend. London is amazing, sign-painting is an actual profession here and I learned so much over these past 2 days and met some great people.

Kaja Poule, Paris



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NGS are now a short step away from launching a first ever diploma level study in 2017. It is deservingly yours.

Check out NGS website for inspiration:



Is it wrong to love painting a letter this much? So be it. Thank you @ngs_sign_crew_london for this affliction. #lettering #signwriting #signpainting #addicted

A photo posted by Nina Cornwall (@ninacornwall) on Jan 15, 2017 at 2:00pm PST

This course is different to the others… it’s more focused, technical. Not just about painting letters. Alice Mazilli

 Kind words thank you

“This is the difference… you not only know what your doing but you are a bloody nice bloke and have passion off the Signwriting scale!”

David Adrian Smith, Designer, Gilder and Glass Embosser



You fancy making great painted letters? Watch this reel…