April 6-7-8th weekend Letter Shapes: Special Guests and Nick Garrett

Massive April party lining up – NO fOOLIN’

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We have 2 main beginners+ courses running and Nina Cornwall will be talking Type and building great letter shapes. April 6-7-8th weekend Letter Shapes: With Nina Cornwall, Tobias Newbigin, Jack Hollands, Didier Cuzzolin and Nick Garrett

NEW sound&design sesh

DJ Chris Arch – Kirkdale Funk @ Sugahill


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Rhythm of design: Feel the beat… We have a great live set coming up at 4.30pm Saturday afternoon with or Design Layout module in Sugahill Cafe with some great funk sounds from the Arch angel of Funk!



Nina Cornwall

Lettering artist Nina Cornwall takes us through the loops and twirls 

 Player one
Nina is one of THE COOLEST paint divas to have on site… steady and loads of capacity!! She’s in da house!

Nina’s latest work and more at Insta https://www.instagram.com/ninacornwall/?hl=en


Tobias Newbigin – in studio 7 April

Tobia Newbigin lining and gilding NGS London

Massive love for this fella and huge to have him in the studio this weekend



Jack Hollands in studio 7 April

One of the very best in the world – right here!! We go back a long way and share the craziest ladda laughs of all time… it’s gonna be totally mad people so be ready!!

Wrecking-ball NGS


Didier Chalky UK in studio 7 April

Super star rising and good mate, one of the best – plenty of fire in this 6 pack!


Welcome – Work to be done!

  • The 3 day Long Weekend (Friday evening 7.00 – 9.00pm meet. Sat/Sun 10am till 7pm).
  • 5 Days (6 sessions – with a freestyle day in the studio – you’ll want to have time without me harking on getting settled in with new skills). 



The course starts on the Friday evening 6th April, 7.30pm to Sunday eve 8th – 5.30pm.

3 days – Starts Fri eve 7.30, 6th April

6 days – Starts Fri eve 7.30, 6th April


BOOKING 1 place left 

April no foolin for the brush…

All courses start with a Friday evening meet and greet vino and nibble intro, and brush talk.

Sketch outs with Nina.JPG

Wow I am seeing such amazing progress in my students… 

This workshop gives you superb insights into not only how to make great letters but also how to set up on site and roll through a project as a new supa cool professional. Nothing is held back – that’s why we are continually working at delivering the best lettering course in the world.

WORK SCHEDULE – rapid learning: 

START Friday evening: 7pm – 9pm Drawing 

Drawing Letters component – Your first real ‘Game-changer’ moments

A drawing practice to include 2 hours of typographic exploration focusing on some fantastic insights.

This first session changes the way you think about line and shape and how a great drawing affects positively totally successful delivery of the final commercial piece to the client. 

Check-in and course aims intro.

It’s not always easy. This special guy worked across 4 courses tackling anxiety and self doubt. Today 6 months on he;s chilled and doing some great lettering.
From Tim: Thanks again Nick. Truly an important experience in my life! 


10.00am ”… who wants to be a signwriter?” 

AA Signsmiths at Royal central school of speech and drama NGS 007

10.00: Design processes – Our new kerning methodology arms you with a super reliable, logical spacing system, sound formatting and design cross-checks – super cool addition to your Typographic skills-base.


11.15  Coffee Break, Sugahill cafe awaits

11.30am  Rapid skills development painting practice




SUITS BEGINNERS, NEWBIES & MASTERS… it’s a great art to get into.



Saturday. Midday:  

Start Painting Letters … yr free, brush in hand, me at yr side!


The last punchcutter from Griffo the great gala of letters on Vimeo.



Aims Understand the brush and how it plays/mixes from pallet to letter.  Clean shape formation, crisp finishing, honed technique…

LUNCH – discounted home cooked treats at the Sugarhill Cafe, Sydenham


Saturday Afternoon – painting technique, sharpening up, curves and corner secrets shared

This component has had writers coming in from all over the world wanting to create sharp crisp finishes – exactly what NGS is renowned for. There are some essential principles and great strategies that ramp up your skills even on day one and two of your lettering career. This is another game-changer session.

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Feedback time … successes and challenges of the day shared

Feedback chat and coffee break 3.30pm


  • Finish 5.30pm  17.30hrs


THE SUNDAY SESSION  10.00am-c6.00pm


Sunday session is all about you!

  • Designing layouts and painting
  • Mastering sharp corners
  • London Blocks
  • Romans, blocks, scripts

Beer time at end of the day!


    For all levels – all materials inc.


DAY 2:  Drilling down on how we get you painting great letters – techniques and styles you will be able learn: 

nick garrett NGS Signsmiths Signwriting Courses London

Dawn who has gone on to build a great pro practice in 18 months.

  • Brush and Kit care  –  how to clean and preserve great brushes
  • Drawing and trace practice  –  analysing structure of blocks and Romans
  • Brush skills development sets  –  specific NGS refinement practices
  • Dom Casual USA style  –  understanding the brush sequences
  • Block/Roman  –  developing the essential skills
  • Casual Script – Boston and S American style characteristics
  • Shades  –  how to mix and blend flowing shadesA fabulous weekend planned again to keep the brush loaded and get you all rolling.




Hope you have enjoyed this course insight.

We have made the most comprehensive and practical lettering workshop available to the new starter.




Learn to Design – Plan – & Paint great Letters

Building your Kit


Learn from NGS

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