For enrolled students who need specific focus group skills this is for you.

Jones Real lettering

Above: Researching great Type and hooking it into your draw-up resources.

Production roll through, Photoshop sprint design and Fast Typographic refinements.

Learn a sound system of fast, quality production. We work on the streets so making that easier and more powerful is what these modules are all about.



2 hr modules at 75.00 each


sprint design

I teach sign artists how to use PS in a fast accurate way in order to create great, original layouts ready for tile print or large scale out-put.


typographic refinements

Here we look at great layouts but with more accent on refining type faces/fonts and creative ligature modelling. A powerful custom type module.


Pro-active on site set up and roll

NGS are famous for efficient, super sharp roll through.  Here we show you how to set up and focus on production, systematically. Max out on your potential speed and quality production methodology. A game-changing 2 hours.

next level training

This program gets you inside your ability to progress projects and skill-sets quickly… and to be able to work outside your own expectations. Cutting-edge strategy for the street based artist.



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