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Some say I am a truly modern, trail blazing signmaster, yet as Dave Smith would put it, I have the passion and detail that comes only from the old school.

And that is the best engine for you, the new practitioner to learn from.

For those with a professional ambition, and indeed returning pros in the craft, the course is a career changing experience. 


The brush defines you… and me

Nick Garrett | Signwriter | Typographer | Educator

Being able to teach students by including them into the studio is a fantastic gift of sharing – good for everyone. Sharing the incredible projects NGS complete across London allows me to free up and generate new ideas and concepts. So I evolve too, keeping it real and focusing on all the intricate stuff that counts. It is the way I find new things to give to you. 


We take you somewhere genuinely interesting: the weekend is a insightful journey into not only the typographical origins of each lettering style taught, but how to deliver them, project after project.  

Learning is based on the London historic lettering evolution and crucially what we are working on each week, across town. But underpinning that is the fascination London shares with it’s amazing architecture, with Italian Serif lettering and Copperplate Cursives enhancing the spirit of the city. So the journey starts by defining your passion and goes a lot further than one would imagine.

Talk the Talk: Looking at the historical contextof lettering gives rise to some great talks on origins and evolution of styles. Context gives rise to knowledge… and we know what that gives rise to…

Local knowledge and relevant expertise: A passionate, hometown artist with a huge amount of knowledge about London lettering culture. The choice of insider and project material we work with will help you get real advantage from your days in the workshop: commercial, and essential.


Demostrating and Feeling the Magic:  NGS has that something special, just take a look at our portfolio. That spark of originality and passion is in our DNA. We work hard to make our projects keep our dreams alive in order to continue this incredible gift- nay legacy.

In the studio on the day I will demonstrate how these letters came about… and in watching you’ll learn so much about the overall brush posture and rythmn of the writer at work.

Fab teaching skills?: Passion is the understatement… but yes you have to love finding the key for each student. I am happiest when teaching.

About you the new starter:  There is a real sense of drive and purpose in the greenshoots signwriting industry today. Let’s keep it watered. Tomorrow there is no signwriting – start the journey today.

Finally… it’s probably enough to fill a book right?

… erm well it has actually!! NGS The Art of Urban Signwriting,  – release date Spring 2017.

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Welcome to Painted Letters and look forward to Painting Great Letters soon.

Nick Garrett


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