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I recently read a beautiful book called “A Year of Marvellous Ways” by Sarah Winman. In the story, a baker (Wilfred) is teaching his apprentice (Peace) how to bake bread.

“He told her something he had never told anyone: That his secret ingredient was the life he had lived.“ “What do you mean? she said. Wilfred leant in close and whispered , ”Everything goes into my bread. Names. Songs. Memories. Every batch comes out different to the next but what we are looking for is not consistency but excellence. You have to risk failure to achieve excellence”

I thought it a poignant paragraph. And it paints a picture of what goes into hand-made work. A person, a soul, a character. Good days, bad days, real emotions, the old cliché of blood, sweat and tears.

Script letters December NGS Classes

We are doing Casuals bigtime! Serious fun!!

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This page tells you all about the NEXT course in detail where we are and base prices.

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A Typefest!!


NEW BOOK ‘Bones of Painted Letters’ – Book 1

Nick Garrett

A book introducing the gems of London New York and Milan sans-serif letter techniques to the lettering enthusiast.

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00 Cover spread

‘Signwriting as an art, a trade and a craft going back 2000 years. Having come back from the brink of extinction in the eighties, today the young designers and artists across the world are taking up the brush and re-kindling this fine artistic trade in ways the inspire the older generation of signmasters’.

What do dreams know of boundaries?

This 2 day course is intended to be two things: a celebration of the art of signwriting and an in-depth insight into the technical mechanics that lie behind that art… it ends up being a lot of fun too! 5 Days gives you greater depth and range of practice.





NEW Mini Apprenticeship programs starting here!

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NGS Crew Didier and Irena on hand on the day.

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Contacts:  07960113799

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We are booking the 5 day course in December.


In-House setting up pallets and getting used to handling paint.


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AGENDA: Halve the normal error rate in Hr 1 – Day 2



SIGNSMITHS COURSE – the Absolutes of the Art of Signwriting

Comprehensive Training for beginners and all levels. 


I’ve been painting for a while but really want some sure advice on how to do it properly…

Why this training is different?  Because it gives you extra insights into not only how to make great letters but also how to set up on site and roll through a project as a professional. Nothing is held back – that’s why we are working so hard to be the best course in London.

How do we develop the courses? By running constant learning programs. Describing the mechanics of good shapes in the most economical strokeplay teaches you the most powerful techniques from day one.

…sharing the importance of self belief, knowledge and determination to succeed. What counts on site and blazing your trail.







9.30am ”… who wants to be a signwriter?”

10.00 am:  Talking Kit


10.20: Drawing Letters component

A drawing practice to include an hour of solid block letter drafting.


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11.15  Coffee Break

11.30am  Design and Spacing

Drawing component of the day! NGS Signsmiths London Piacenza

Our new kerning method arms you with a reliable, logical spacing system and sound formatting and design cross-checks to your Typographic skills-base.



The last punchcutter from Griffo the great gala of letters on Vimeo.


Midday:  Painting Letters … yr free, brush in hand, me at yr side!



Aims in hour 1-2: Understand the brush and how it plays from pallet to letter.  Clean shape formation, crisp finishing, honed technique…

LUNCH – discounted home cooked treats at the Sugarhill Cafe, Sydenham


VIDEO: Feedback time … successes and challenges of the day shared

Feedback chat and coffee break 3.30pm


High Performance Breath Meditation: how to stay focussed, calm nerves and get in the Zone.

  • Finish 5.30pm  17.30hrs

SUNDAY SESSION  10.00am-6.00pm

  • Sunday session based on sequences of painting
  • Designing layouts and painting
  • Mastering sharp corners
  • London Blocks
  • Romans, blocks, scripts

Beer time at end of the day!


    For all levels – all materials inc.


DAY 2:  Drilling down on how we get you painting great letters – techniques and styles you will be able learn: 

Signsmiths signwriting courses NGS London 5

  • Brush and Kit care  –  how to clean and preserve great brushes
  • Drawing and trace practice  –  analysing structure of blocks and Romans
  • Brush skills development sets  –  specific NGS refinement practices
  • Dom Casual USA style  –  understanding the brush sequences
  • Block/Roman  –  developing the essential skills
  • Casual Script – Boston and S American style characteristics
  • Shades  –  how to mix and blend flowing shadesA fabulous weekend planned again to keep the brush loaded and get you all rolling.

NGS by hand always
Roman A

The most comprehensive and practical lettering workshop…. and more – how to set up as a trainee signwriter, with support and solid skillsets.

Learn to Design – Plan – & Paint great Letters

Building your Kit

Designing with you own unique styleBrush it up!

New Trend development and painted letters


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Focused, fun, capacity building courses

Nick Garrett is a master signwriter mixing major projects and teaching. Learning in this context allows you to access industry insight, as it’s happening on the streets and design boards across London.

It’s exciting and challenging.

Learn from one of the best



Ngs shared learning

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