Falmouth University sign, courtesy of Flickr user Tim Green
Falmouth University sign, courtesy of Flickr user Tim Green

Falmouth University is shutting its foundation course in art and design for at least one year, due to it being “expensive to run”.

The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design has been running since the 1960s, and is a year-long, full-time course which aims to “prepare [students] for a future in the creative arts” through lectures, and studio and workshop sessions, reads the course summary.

“Expensive to run” and “taking money from other students’ tuition fees”

The university has decided to suspend the course for the academic year 2017/2018, “in the best interests of the university and our students”, says the university’s director of communications Robert Hillier.

“For some time, the Foundation Diploma, which is expensive to run, has been subsidised by other courses,” he says.

“Further education funding is facing greater reductions over the next five years, and as a result, we anticipate that course will need more subsidies,” he continues. “This means taking money from other students’ tuition fees.”

£100 per year for students aged 19 or younger

The diploma, which is an alternative or precursor to an undergraduate degree, charges students just £100 for the year if they’re under 19 years old when starting the course, or £4,140 if aged over 19. It costs £10,000 for international students.

A three-year undergraduate degree such as BA (Hons) Graphic Design costs £27,000 in total. They cost £45,000 for international students.

The university says a consultation process is currently in place to decide whether the course will be closed permanently or whether it will reopen.

But another Foundation year is about to open

NGS of London are putting the final detail on an Art and Signwriting Foundation Diploma year for 2017 launch.

It will bring together the most complete 1 year signwriting program since the disbandment of City and Guilds training 2 decades ago. Gilding, design and fine art modules can be incorporated making it a versatile diploma suitable for high degree entry.

”It’s a really exciting first – the prospect to be restaging a much needed, dedicated painted letters courses across UK for a new generation of sign-writers.” Nick Garrett NGS Signsmiths London.

Stay tuned for release dates.


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