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The techniques shared will make you a proper signwriter from go.

B stroke play 72IMG_5208 (1)cropped-cropped-sisnsmiths-work-in-progress-ngs1.jpgSignsmithettes working the magic.

I have put together this comprehensive starter Signwriting course that actually suits all levels from beginner to returning pro. 

4 Keystrokes: 

The concise NGS strokeplay that makes it all work.

4 Strokes

 3  Faced:  Typefaces you must learn because they are the chosen, turnkey design industry styles.

 4  Ways of Sharp Corners & Contours:  An assured way of making it perfect every time.

O passes 72On the StreetPallett

 4  Ways of Spacing:  Again a solid breakdown of how to sort kerning in the bag.

You will receive a certificate of completion

NGS certificate Sign Painter Training London


Photograpy Iona Wolff

”Occasionally you take part in something that alters the course of your life. I’m not talking total transformation, more like crossing over a road to be in the sunshine. The change happens quickly, you observe it taking effect. Your eyes and heart open, you see things with clarity and meaning, the new experiences create a new, more beautiful, reality and suddenly the path ahead looks different.   

It happened to me this weekend when I learnt to hand paint letters. 

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Building BlocksBlock letter downstroke mapBlock mitred endsBlock S strokeplay


Keeping this craft alive.

Special thanks to Noel Webber, Dave Smith, Perry, Chloe Garrett’s great camera skills, Jack Hollands, Tobias Newbigin and Hannah Matthews for continually inspiring their mentor.

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