Insider: The 5 day Workshop


Getting up close to any signmaster and just watching their technique is going to impart so much useful knowledge. You learn from watching … 

I watched my master Andy Whitmore 10 hours a day for months and what crossed over was the kinetics of how I write. Bless him.


Couple this with a rigorous structured learning set up and a lot of laughs and you have the perfect environment… just add 5 days.


Firstly we have to set ourselves an objective and that’s done in an informal chat first thing on day 1 – the breakfast meet sets out what we are all chasing.


It’s useless attending a course that is set out on it’s own agenda. An effective course has to meet the aspiration, hopes, dreams and wishes of the student. The student is encouraged to absolutely DEMAND it.

Student centred education never fails because it starts with a healthy structure, modified to the aims and then is subject to testing those aims against the real needs that the student encounters.


For example the learner may want to signwrite their barge and yet by taking on such a specific objective, realise that the learning field needs to be more open – open to excitement, challenges, success, instinct, conquering failures and pure curiosity.

This curriculum copes with all of that because it came out of it.

Convergent divergent creative human instinct.


When combining that degree of flexibility woven into a clear course structure, the results are often profound.

If it sounds complex then think about how a child learns and grows at the same time. Complex yet simple.


And the secret to simplifying complex stuff is not to reduce it but to just action it.

Task by task.


Ngs shared learning

Above: Crunch time with a senior London writer … ”Do you want me to say it as it is, because I know you’re sensitive and I can’t just read you like most students because of that special complexity… but I want to say it.  You’re a great writer and if you nail this today you’re going to be more stable in your letters… but you have to make some changes” She took it on and made some fantastic work.


If you do that on your own in a studio somewhere… you will lose out by having no detachment and over arcing perspective.

By doing it with a great teacher you have that knowledge clarifying and guiding you.

With your determination I’ll be the man in the hat.


Look forward to meeting you.


Nick Garrett