June Course 2018

UK's dedicated monthly lettering course

June Course 2018

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JUNE 16-17

8 6 places left

Sat-Sun 10.00am start 5.30pm finish

Summer courses 2018 are getting pretty full – forward a ticket for full list of Signsmith weekender events and I’ll get back to you by return.

Let’s get this together

The June course is going to show you exactly how to create stylish letters and finish up ultra sharp. That’s what counts.

But here’s the difference. This is all about reality… making a living as a signpainter: a new signpainter. To do that you need to learn how to set up as well as the styles that are being demanded from design houses and to know exactly how to make it happen in a London or UK context.

That’s why this course is so popular, at times demanding and successful.

It’s like no other because it works.

Nick Garrett


This workshop gives you superb insights into not only how to make great letters but also how to set up on site and roll through a project as a new supa cool professional. Nothing is held back – that’s why we are continually working at delivering the best lettering course in the world.



Learn: Real Freehand signwriting skills with Nick Garrett 

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