Learn to Signwrite – Paint Letters with Nick Garrett

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Learn to Signwrite – Paint Letters with Nick Garrett

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Hi and thanks for your interest

Hope you’ve had a good look around our Facebook and blog pages and probably elsewhere on the net regarding gaining sound knowledge of sign writing.
Where this course differs from others is it’s concise nature and EDU standards of excellence.  It also has a mission to build a lettering industry based on brushstrokes rather than keystrokes.
One thing you will notice is that this is a vocational course. But there’s something else…
it’s a course designed for all levels and one that crosses over into multi disciplinary uses.
So whether you are a graphic designer or scenic painter this course will reinforce your expertise; it will enhance your knowledge base and precision work, something that will move you into exactly the right roles and opportunities.
Let’s make UK even more beautiful and your creative appeal, second to none. 
Best Nick Garrett

Learn the correct Signwriting technique

romans 6

NGS London Signsmiths.  

Here you will find both technical and artistic training allowing you to go into hand painted lettering on the right path from the start.

Classes are suitable for all levels. We have all equipment but we do encourage you to bring a learning journal.

This course credits you 2 units on future accredited studies.

Painted Letters workshop units


Another great day coming up with all the pro writers’ skills and fixes shared.

Important note: This is an open forum learning environment with full sight of conflict of interests issues and no trade skills are withheld.

  • You will learn how to lay out a sign
  • Draw up letters and hone shape forms
  • Set out sign designs
  • Paint Johnston, Franklin gothic and Standard writer’s block (founding style of modern day Gotham)
  • Practice a range of Romans, Serifs and Cursives

Unit schedule of the day includes:  9.30am start

  • Tools and equipment
  • Suppliers lists
  • Learn to draw up and ‘set up’
  • Design and design thinking
  • Casual painters hand
  • Lunch
  • Block lettering
  • Roman lettering
  • Brush cleaning

Finish 5.30 pm


Sunday units continue lettering and designing medley panels with a focus on sharp corners, serifs and retro scripts.

Sunday start: 10.00am finish 6.00pm

Useful Links

Signsmiths weekender NGS London signwriting crew sweep

We’re all set for the next Signsmith meet … can’t wait to have some fun with paint.

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  1. nickgarrett says:

    Reblogged this on Desight for kudobadass typography, Product/Brand design, painted signs NGS London and commented:

    Magic day learning to paint letters in London!

  2. James says:

    Hi nick,

    I’m looking at a change career, I’m not working at the moment, and have art background. I’d like to get more involved with traditional sign writing and wondered whether there is much call for that where to begin, how much cost for course. I work with Indian ink water colour myself.

    Look forward to hearing from you



    • nickgarrett says:

      James hi, feel free to browse these pages and contact me if you would like to start out, as many have, with a weekender workshop. Next one is end of November but only 1 or 2 places left.. Best Nick

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