Meditation Visualisations for de-stressing and high performance

…the heart is happiest when the brush is wet!

My Love!!

Like I keep saying it’s not just about swinging the brush but more about how you feel and how you think.

It starts in the mind
it comes from the heart
beginning in dreams
A Reality worth Living for

If you do something that everyone but a few people think is mad then 2 things can happen 1 you start to succeed at it… 2 you start to fail… what are the 2 worst outcomes from failure???

Stopping (guilt) and regret… – never go there, be free of it.

In reality even if you fail climbing to the top of the mountain you still gain the experience of being a climber.

If you fail to get half way… you still climbed.

and no matter how much you fail you win… because you grow.

– you grow trying and fighting for your own success in life.

Your Life

Not your beloved parent’s …

So the reality is – you can only succeed.

And when you learn to outgrow setback and make yourself stronger, then failure really does not exist. All that exists is time, life, practice and success…. rolled into one ball it is called Love.

The Mindset for signwriting

Tuning down or even tuning out of stress and workday distractions is key to optimising hours at work especially in signwriting settings.

We can tune the mind to govern the processes more effectively in the short term and the turnkey is active visualisation tools and distraction clearing techniques.

The mind builds up clutter and grey particles which most athletes are trained to constantly clear away.

In lean or high performance business it is essential to adopt that same technique and make way for sustained, repeatable work progress.

It starts and ends in not only the head but also the heart a place where we feel anxiety and where determination resides.


Standing meditation position! Perfect for signwriting…

Chi Gung incorporates several posture and mental strategies that are very usefull standing on a ladder for example!! You can make this happen instantly by positive posture and body mechanics.


Helps minimising standing fatigue

  1. Relax the shoulders down
  2. Relax the chest… sink it – do not barrel the chest!
  3. Stomach breath – no ribs
  4. Relax knees – roll in tailbone
  5. Toes in and parallel feet


Why so important?

Point 1 takes stress out of the day and good standing posture takes stress out of the lower back, shoulders, neck, temples and prevents head aches and de-energising tension.

In short it helps remove stuff that drains you.


Bad stuff

2. Pump the chest like a military posture activates adrenalin – no good

3.  Pumping ribs activates Adrenal glands… causes stress.


Good stuff

4.  Soften knees act as an extra lower back cushion and tail bone tucked in takes pressure off lower L4-5 discs and S1-2 nerves.

5.  Toes in like skier again relaxes lower back and sacrum.


5 mindset points to consider as key clear thinking assists:

  1. Empty my cup – clear heart – clear head
  2. feeding my creativity.
  3. every stage is a clean page
  4. my powerbase is my self belief and supporters
  5. flexibility will allow me to grow and problem solve

These 5 points are pretty useful for a good day on the brush!

Make your own practices work for you.



Practice: 2 minute breath cycle

Meditation doesn’t just happen in the mountain retreat. It can happen on the overground or on the bus.  It need only take a couple of minutes to regain control and stay on track.

But they are 2 really good minutes when practiced well.



NACRE breathing – with pausing for recovery


Breath in (nourish)  – dropping breath to the stomach  count 3

Pause  (absorb)  count 2

Breath out  (cleanse) – set free the stress  count 3

Pause  (recover)  count 2



Transcend the tasks and challenges of the day

How to meditate and visualise then is the essence of signwriting and a calmer yet dynamic life… what I aim to share and actively teach.

We can’t be calm in the middle of rush hour traffic and the throng… we can plan to avoid it and these skills calm us whilst coping with it.

Nick Garrett

Love the fact that it is at times of stress normal to feel paralysed and confused.

It is normal to feel fear.

Every morning I want to just lie in bed and do nothing… be rich… go to the bahamas… be lazy and happy… everyone feels that…

… but life is a bitch

so we better waste time at work doing the things we love ….


… growing

talking to people… getting small creative jobs from people …. getting experience… making friends with new skills

– you are good at that

so inside you is the real you screaming to be set free!!!