New 1 day taster

UK's dedicated monthly lettering course

1 Day intro to signpainting 


Signsmiths are starting up 1 day intro courses which will allow beginners to get a real feel for the art of signpainting.


Are your weekends half free? Try a Saturday course

Saturday or 1 day session – 10.00 am (Lunch 1-2pm) 6.00 pm finish

The studio offers a morning of getting to know products, brushes and paints with a Typographic drawing module of 2 hours.

After lunch we start to use the brush and develop the skills needed to create great lettering.


Work in the theater or hospitality industry? Try a Monday course

For people who have to work weekends it can be really difficult finding courses that are doable during the week. Well we’ve got a cool 1 day taster course ready for you to roll with on a Monday starting at 10.00am after the rush our.



October 13 – Saturday  8 places 4 booked

October 29 – Monday  8 places 2 booked




185.00 gbp. inc all of materials


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Where we are – Overground easy

Unit 108 291 London SE26 4QD, 205 Kirkdale, Sydenham, London SE26 4QD