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Hi and thanks for looking at joining us – it’s a big creative blast… hard work and immensely satisfying!!

Places go fast on these courses so be sure to get yourself booked in quickly as it has to be first come etc.

From here all you need to do is contact me for fee info and booking availability. Once your request is in you are on the day and ready to go!



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+44 (0) 7960113799


Unit 205 Regent House Business Centre, 291 Kirkdale, London SE26 4QD

About NGS –  Nick Garrett, L4 Diploma studies starting March 2017

Nick runs these intensive signwriting courses to share the knowledge, passionately keeping these old skills alive. There’s none more dedicated, his family lettering heritage can be traced back 3 gen, to the nineteenth century with Baker’s (letter cutters and stone masons) of Fulham.


NGS is a leading signwriting crew, ‘Made in London’ and has hosted people from all over the country and world to take up the brush and enter the profession – having trained most of the beautifully talented London+ Newbies, this is the best start you can get.

To find out more about the courses and to book your place fill in the form below or call Nick on 07960113799

Where we are Link: Location

We will make Great Painted Letters


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