Gradient Learning

Not everyone can teach his craft well… it has to be proven, structured and planned.


Changing die hard tradition

I continually put out pro writers into work… work for life.  It is my mission much to the criticism of old guard writers, who insist of 5 year apprenticeships and won’t give a new student 5 minutes.

It’s a tough environment getting started out there and sustaining an ultra positive mindset is one of the first things I work on.

New demands create new opportunities and learning strategies. It’s progressive and positive.

I do give a damn about getting new artists into the craft. Let’s get the brushes wet.


Gradient learning takes difficult tasks and breaks them down into easy to manage chunks. Based on analytic and deep seated practical knowledge the type of information is modified into parallel bites and exercises.  in other words it’s made simple and effective, often in unexpected ways.

It has to work, be real, rewarding and even fun in order to build confidence in the new writer.

Week 0 start-up
Day 1  

Week 1 Day 2

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2 days of clear instruction brings lasting skills-building results. The system I have created works from a simple logical framework and has got great results for all trainees.

Role of Honour

Nick and Jack 2

Jack Hollands – super writer!

Tobias Newbigin UK
Tobias Newbigin UK


Josh Stika and Vincent Plisson

Abdul Jalil Milan
Abdul Jalil Milan

Coco writing great letters NGS Signsmiths

Chloe Tickner



Week 2

Day 14 for an Online student shows good structure and cleaning up of edges.


Honing skills with:

  • Skype
  • Training instruction – Suppliers lists and focused training manual extracts
  • Msg and Txt relays
  • Practice sheets – concise max development

In the Workshop



Above Kevin at 9 months and 1 year – Kevin found it tough going but applied himself and has achieved great results.

6 months for TobiWanstead-fish-shop-Tobi-Copy


Above 3 weeks for Chloe