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September 17 – 18  – London weekend workshop

2 places remain

Thank you for the support and bookings – you are a constant inspiration. There are a few places left for this weekend Learning Unit as of 31/08/16


Students: Always a fab mix of skills!!

This part is so interesting, looking at a great group of people coming together. September class is filling up with a group made up of fun, enthusiastic, people inc. pub staff, tattoo artist, between employment, graphic designers, ex-art student, beginner chalk artist, scenic designer, life coach and finance sector.

Exactly what this is all about – bringing together great people and handing them a new opportunity to learn and earn!

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September COURSE

Where Letters Speak Louder than Words


This course is designed for ALL levels. The complete unfettered beginner can come in and start with this groundbreaking workshop. Contact me if you are concerned and need to chat.


For the complete beginner: a clear cut correct method and sign business overview

For the chalk artist & set painter: merging skill sets into a clean brush technique

For the signwriter: refining precision, shape and typographic history

For the creative pro: invaluable crossover skill sets for a wider pro practice

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NGS MONTHLY COURSES – the essentials

September 17 – 18 weekend workshop

For absolute beginners and all levels.


Video O shapes


You will need a journal – I have freebie note booklets for you.

NGS Archives Material 

I prepare layouts and designs for each workshop from archive material and drawings. I take pride in the refinement of these sheets for the students… adding notes and clarification.  

We even keep hand made infographics as relevant learning material that illustrate perfectly the techniques and styles… a lot of them are dog eared with love and use… just as they should be, some are brand new like this infographic below.

Jones Real lettering Typeface infographic

Most of the styles we use as lettering models come from original hand crafted alphabets from all over the world. No better way to build knowledge of shape and styling than to work from such quintessential designs.

Signsmiths infographics NGS London 1

Signsmiths infographics NGS London 11

Drawing letters component

A drawing practice to include an hour of solid block letter drafting.

Design and Spacing

A new method adding a better spacing system and sound design mechanics.

Morning Talk Talk

Defining Tradition and new trend – can it survive the modern world?

Painting Letters

Understand the brush and how it plays from pallet to letter.  Clean shape formation, crisp finishing, honed technique…

  • Heads-up Sign project set-up.
  • Set up practice – how to tackle cold weather, wind and rain.  
  • Set up practice – Which tapes work and which fail.
  • The secret of super hot Brush skills – spend focused time on the priceless skill builders. Learn the NGS sharpening skills.
  • Painting great letters – techniques and styles you will learn:
    • Brush and Kit care  –  how to clean and preserve great brushes
    • Drawing and trace practice  –  analysing structure of blocks and Romans
    • Brush skills development sets  –  specific NGS refinement practices
    • Dom Casual USA style  –  understanding the brush sequences
    • Block/Roman  –  developing the essential skills
    • Casual Script – Boston and S American style characteristics
    • Shades  –  how to mix and blend flowing shades

    A fabulous weekend planned again to keep the brush loaded and get you all rolling.

  • Finish 5.30pm  17.30hrs

    For all levels – all materials inc.





Sometimes I feel it’s really difficult conveying how important it is to me to share ALL my tech knowledge. But I hope you get it from these pages because it’s so important to me personally to pass on the baton and brush. Otherwise it’s dead isn’t it? Finished… how can I let my craft die… how can anyone? Guys like you will keep it alive. Well done.


Why this training is different?  Because it gives you extra insights into how to make great letters but also how to set up on site and roll through a project from a professional perspective.

Nothing is held back – that’s why we are working so hard to be the best course in London.

How do we deliver success? By running constant learning programs and going beyond being a signwriter who teaches a bit – we learn to teach better. Digging deep, describing how focusing on the mechanics of good shapes alone, wins out in the ball park of real projects and your creative development.


Building strong Creatives – Employing Pro-techniques in reality, needs problem avoidance and solutions based thinking.  These skills are built on sound design thinking and a 360 knowledge base.

…sharing the importance of self belief and determination to succeed is essential. What counts on site, blazing your trail is often down to self development and mindset strategy.

This course develops holistically Mind Body and Skills. Organic and powerful… it is constantly driving to make better we aim to do best. Watch this space…

Equality for all.  We promote the inclusion of the fantastic skills of both genders but have been amazed at the drive of all participants over the past courses. NGS is responsive and aims to support and nurture the creative needs of all.


Nick Garrett

Founder, NGS Signsmiths


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Our Boys Rockin the scene!!!


Learning all the master strokes from the moment you start… my mission

This course will never let you down… it is the business end of the art of signwriting with loads of fun but no Circus.

Movie image NGS signsmiths signwriting course London UK

Video:  Of course you can… such an important message.


Please feel free to email me for prices.

Progressive by nature

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Cafe Scripts, London Blocks, Venetian Romans… and other seriously good funky brush skills.

For all levels – all materials inc.

Ngs shared learning

September 17 – 18 weekend workshop 

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Roman A


The most comprehensive and practical lettering workshop…. and more – how to set up as a trainee signwriter, with support and solid skillsets.

Learn to Design – Plan – & Paint great Letters

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