It Rained, it Poured – a letter fest!!!!

A weekend of pure inspiration!

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MEGA WEEKEND!! Thanks all


Signsmiths gilding and lettering course London UK 012

What do dreams know of boundaries

This 2 day course is intended to be two things: a celebration of the art of signwriting and an in-depth insight into the technical mechanics that lie behind that art… it ends up being a lot of fun too! 5 Days gives you greater depth and range of practice.

This weekend study unit can be added to Level 4 Diploma in Signwriting (DipSL417)


There are completely new, next level teachings in this course. Ones that will stay with you forever.

Welcome to NGS Signsmiths. 

2 and 5 Days of fun packed full immersion signwriting training. Designed to suit beginners, intermediates and advanced

The first question I am usually asked is about experience and suitability.

This course is designed in the most particular way to suit new starters and all levels of lettering enthusiasts.

NGS Signsmiths carvnival letters Learn to paintr letters London 001

1-2 or 5 day courses. This is what you will be doing on Day 5 with me!! Claudia on Day 5 Painted Letters course.

1 month later Claudia goes pro.

Conversion courses

The Signsmiths aim to develop strong letter painting skills and a focus on signwritten letter structures, type design, sound design layout techniques and building all round confidence in the new creative writer… from enthusiast to pro and a swift program.

Weekends are booking out quite fast so let me know about you so that I can tailor to suit and organise any discounts.

Students, part-time workers and unemployed receive 10% discount.

Nick Garrett

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Course Times:  

Monday to Friday 9.30am – 5.00pm

NGS Unit 205 Regent House Business Centre, 291 Kirkdale, London SE26 4QD

If you need any additional info just call or email Nick – back to you by return. If you can’t make this date join our mailing list. 07960113799


Pick up the brush … copy how I use it – and you’ll start painting great letters… 


Nina Cornwall Behance

Paint some Great Letters.


Kaja Poule rocking it

Signsmith Inspiration Boards @ Pinterest

Inspiration can come in the shape of letters… it may come in the emotion of a song… or one of our boards.

Nick Garrett

… You could just have found creative freedom


Course Times:

Saturday 9.30am – 5.30pm

Sunday 10am – 6.00pm

(We often run over and grab a beer on the way home)

NGS Unit 205 Regent House Business Centre, 291 Kirkdale, London SE26 4QD

If you need any additional info just call or email Nick – back to you by return. If you can’t make this date join our mailing list.

+44 (0) 7960113799


PIXELS FOR PAINT – can I really paint letters?


Dreams and ambition weaken chains and set you free – so the answer is definitely a yes.

Important to know that even a complete beginner comes into the studio with no pre-set ideas or skills and by the end of the weekend they can paint sharp letters and know how to create layouts – I see it all the time and it’s what this course structure is about. With a little dedicated practice anyone can take up this art and make a decent living.


Dedicated to the students needs



If you can’t make it to this meet, we’ll keep you posted via our mailing list on events and workshops coming up.  For more info re courses call Nick on +44 (0) 7960113799 or contact NGS by email


‘M’ for Mechanics

Once you understand how preparation is far more important than any amount of so called ‘talent’, you’re on track to open the way for solid learning and good professional practice.

”So much of this art is all about nuts and bolts – it really is. How to set up a sheet in the wind on site, dead level. How to load the brush – how to clean and trim it. How to make your site kit safe. How to chalk down. How to post-letter clean up… how to warm up, start the day’s writing with a clear run and logical easy entry point. How to pace yourself over the day, or year one”





Josh Stika, Vincent Priz, Nick Garrett in the Signsmith’s den.

A Course for all - practical and creative


Learn true Roman lettering - compass free...




Work opportunities

You’ve probably been having a good look at the art of signwriting and got yourself hooked on it! That’s great because it is a genuine opportunity to gain a lot of independence and freedom into your work life. Nothing to stop you going from chalking a few cafes to the west end or canal hopping throughout summer painting boats is there?

So keep ideas swirling in the background and literally watch them pop up in front of you on the road ahead.

”You know what Nick I was starting out and needed some big jobs to get me going and I literally had a word with the man up there and asked him to get me started… next day I got 1000 vans to decal up…!”

David Cannon, Evoke

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You will need a journal – I have freebie note booklets for you.

Drawing letters component

A drawing practice to include an hour of solid block letter drafting.

Design and Spacing

A new method adding a better spacing system and sound design mechanics.

Morning Talk Talk

Defining Tradition – can it survive the modern world?

Painting Letters

Understand the brush and how it plays from pallet to letter.  Clean shape formation, crisp finishing, honed technique…

  • Heads-up Sign project set-up.
  • Set up practice – how to tackle cold weather, wind and rain.  
  • Set up practice – Which tapes work and which fail.
  • The secret of super hot Brush skills – spend focused time on the priceless skill builders. Learn the NGS sharpening skills.
  • Painting great letters – techniques and styles you will learn:
    • Brush and Kit care  –  how to clean and preserve great brushes
    • Drawing and trace practice  –  analysing structure of blocks and Romans
    • Brush skills development sets  –  specific NGS refinement practices
    • Dom Casual USA style  –  understanding the brush sequences
    • Block/Roman  –  developing the essential skills
    • Casual Script – Boston and S American style characteristics
    • Shades  –  how to mix and blend flowing shades

    A fabulous weekend planned again to keep the brush loaded and get you all rolling.

  • Finish 5.30pm  17.30hrs

    For all levels – all materials inc.

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March 4-5 2017


If you need any additional info just let me know.  Please forward any questions and I will get back to you by return.

Nick Garrett

NGS Unit 205 Regent House Business Centre, 291 Kirkdale, London SE26 4QD