We have now created the ultimate learning curve for the serious new sign creative.


The 3 month timeline training program includes workshops and on site training alongside myself on real, live London signwriting projects as well as your own research project.

The program of learning is as follows:


3 Weekends: 6 days in total of solid studio practice

5 days live: mixing days on site and in the studio



  • Studies will include Kit creation, care and maintenance. The history of painted lettering, design and typographic structure.
  • Brush control, painted formats, Sans-serif, Roman and Cursive lettering.
  • Freestyle projects. Site work, setting your trend and securing your field of specialisation.

Learning summary: written 1500 word component to collate your notes and learning material. Submitted after the SMA



Going on site live requires a certain mindset and determination. If you feel you have what it takes to make it as a signpainter apprentice and new pro, then the following process is required to ensure you will progress in line with the high standards this course sets.

Students will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. CV to include recent work and summary of interests in the traditional lettering industry
  2. Supporting application summary 250-500 words
  3. Telephone interview.


Award – ABBE Built environment

You will receive an undergraduate diploma Level 1-2 award on successful completion of your course.




Student Loans are available for this course.

Please email me for further information info@ngssignsmiths.com


Nick Garrett

NGS London