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The Load Down Learning Lettering in London


9.30am – 5.30pm 


Regent House Business Centre, Suite No 205
291 Kirkdale
London SE26 4QD

– all levels – all materials and food inc

Start-up your Pro geared Lettering Skills

”I’ve got to the point in my life where being behind a computer for the rest of my life doesn’t sit (pun intended) so well with me. 

This is the course has all the insight to get you into the zone.  A workshop designed to work for all … and all creatives.

Thanks for dropping by – this page introduces the Painted lettering 1 and 2 day courses suitable to creatives at all reaches of lettering development who want to get started in a meaningful way. The day workshops are student specific, fun yet focused, responsive to all levels, needs and vocational.

Video signsmiths weekender NGS 003


A good teacher must invest and enormous amount of time thinking – approaching subjects in the mode of self renewal and adventure. 

Extract from The Silent Signwriter 1865:

These are actual facts worth your earnest consideration.

Commence to practice today. How quick time passes when one becomes interested. Just a little practice each day and you are soon a very fair SIGN WRITER, and you will congratulate yourself every day for having been wise enough to adopt this method for improving your position.

Taken from The Silent Signwriter

The silent signwriter LINK 

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Writer's block lettering 1850s


Signsmiths workshops rock! super cool writing

Learn to Paint great Letters with Nick Garrett

Support your local signpainter

Signsmiths workshops rock!


Regent House Business Centre, Suite No 209
291 Kirkdale
London SE26 4QD
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By Hand Skills Building and Crossover

NGS Signsmith courses are built on the principle of sharing the knowledge and delivering to participants the level of learning they are seeking … and more besides.

Part of my responsibility is to put artists out there safely and with a good idea of challenges they will encounter.  Nothing prepares you better than experience, but by battling alone you will come to a point where the need for affirmation outweighs relentless faith… those with experience will tell you there is nothing better than sound mentor, preparation and support.

The big bonus is that even if you move on from sign writing, the execution of accurate contour painting develops hybrid skills that can be applied to most creative arts professions.  As an arts practitioner these freehand skills will allow you to enter a wider scope of professional hand crafted practice.

For the graphic designer it builds an essential 360 knowledge of typographic form and dynamic.

For craft enthusiasts and start-ups it will be a turning point in the way you deliver the final piece.  For the budding signwriter it gleams the sword.

For the artists it allows you to execute marks like a dream.

My background as a signwriter goes back 4 decades but I have always taught holistic practices including: fine art courses, paint effects, Tai Chi, meditation and today modern traditional signwriting.

I also enjoyed 2 decades as head of design and tutor to China Accent LTD Hong Kong.  My role there included training but also setting up quality product development and manufacture.

Production sav and agile methodology are essential to the new generation of sign artist.

Nabarro wall panel NGS Neon London

Above:  Recent NGS freehand signwriting project at 125 London Wall.



About Methodology

Great methodology keeps your project on track and your career advantage safe.

Hard won systems of management (learning, production and project), TM planning and design preparation carry through my practice today and load your learning with important techniques: tried and trusted for optimum ease of output in the very real setting.

Design thinking, prioritising, analytics and preparation are essential to successful outcomes.  At the heart of that lies something we also share and build on the day – clear, pertinent communication.


So today we are building scores of artists with skills sets that put the bacon on the table in not only a beautiful way but with ease… and that safeguards the professional against burnout and ideation fatigue.

And of course it’s a fair bit of fun too with great shared passion to drive the power!

Looking forward to seeing you at a future Signsmith meet.

Best and welcome,

Nick Garrett


Call me or email me for a place on the next workshop.


When you’re teaching independently you have a freedom to find new models and tools to help students learn… 

We have a uniquely honed system that works incredibly well.  Focusing your hand coordination in a logical gradient set of practices. It’s down to building you a solid methodology and having a damn good time.

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