The landing of ideas

Last night I was about to hit the sack when an idea for a logo I’ve been working on came hazily into view … boom landed!

So I switched on Photoshop knowing I was in big trouble working so late and rendered it manifesting from mind, mouse, screen into a great image.


But where it came from was a mystery as I leaned back mulling the final gloriously simple solution.

It arrived out of the blue?.. of course not. Don’t be silly…


Why waste your life doing what you know is dumb.

Acquiring new skills – stay open yet focused

We are born to learn… we’re all potentially bright conduits and a great teacher removes blocks that are often dumped in our pathways by those who have closed, linear, emu minds. Yep we are or rather I was taught but a great many idiots and a thankfully handful of really good ones. I learned from them all.

As Prof. Rupert Sheldrake often reminds me, things get really interesting when you look at immeasurables or intuitive reasoning (which are the bedrocks of ground breaking science and creativity):  ”I’m talking about science on the leading edge, where it’s not clear which way things are going be cause we don’t know, and I’m dealing with areas which we don’t know about.”


Knowledge hitches a lift on all kinds of wings.

A great teacher rewrites a student’s history, explaining and suggesting what has cause negative self image, loss of confidence and low scores … ie. all the wrongs done to our intelligent minds, particularly in our early years.

There is no box to think outside of


My wife told me about some of her kids she teaches at middle school and how their parents’ complete disinterest in education prevents the child entering into a great voyage of discovery. While conversely those with parental support for education do very well.  She also told me how her grandmother or nonna as we call them in Italy, used to dunk her biscuits in red wine. Yugh!!! Disgusting… never tried it – never will!

We are all different creatures, learning and living our unique versions of reality. Nonna also used to paint furniture in bright bolds and age mirrors…. hmmm. 1956.

There are no wrongs in this room/studio is what I say to my students from the go… OCD is normal and healthy – how else can you work such detail? … learning difficulties are found when people get bored… how can standardised academic learning be easy? How can a student be inspired knowing that much of the teachings in the education institutions around the world is expensive, boring and useless.

Sir Ken Robinson



These are the kind of messages I believe and get across. They work because students relate to them.

By clarifying they were right all along. Their feelings of discontent in standard education settings were well founded and encouraging them to trust their instincts, I empower my students to escape, go deep and never stay shallow where the sheep mud gaze.

  • To think about how they think.
  • To redesign their lives and ways of dealing with fear.
  • Untether parental fear.
  • To identify weaknesses as opportunities.
  • To rely on reflection and peer support rather than alcohol and such.
  • Always choose positivity as the first next step.


Wrong is cool as fresh snow. Bottom line to being stressless…

By realising there is absolutely no point in being anything other than positive, students associate happiness in spite of challenges… and get better at problem solving thus devoting more toward useful, inspiring stuff. Errors become absolutely useful opportunities to work it out better.

  • “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” … Ken Robinson


So when attempting to solve a problem or visual design be aware of the way these ideas arrive, minifest. Thinking about how we think is the key to success. Allow your mind to free amble… go where it wants at times… allow it to roam free.

  • Allow yourself down time even before you’ve gotten up. Healthy.
  • Expect 20-40 minutes of absolute shit every day. Normal.
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you can eat chocolate. So Good for you.
  • Hang out with people that get it. Ahhh like smelling roses.

And about that red wine and digestive biscuit dunking quandary… try it.