Vocational Painted Letters Courses with

NGS Signwriting, London


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Weekend – 1 evening+2 days

Meet up


Intro meet 7.30pm – 9.00pm. Friday evening

A course intro and NGS book presentation

3 days starting on the Friday evening with a group meet and sign project plan for the weekend. Each student is presented with an NGS training manual and link to our resource app. Fee balances are paid.

Day 1

D1.  Saturday 10.00 am. The Culture of Sign Design with Demos by Nick Garrett

Set up. Posture and preparation.

The day kicks off with drawing up key letters of the alphabet and dissecting the G, C A S and R for deeper look at how typographic structures came about from the chisel, pen and brush. I will explain how these key characteristics evolved culturally, creating voices and accents within the context of communicability of sign design. How these important timeless, trend leading typographic styles are being misunderstood and lost to the current fashion of Americanised pop culture versions.

  • Production methods for sign production.
  • Setting out layouts on site.

Lunch – Our local eatery Sugahill cafe offer discounted prices to NGS students

D1.  2.00pm. Painting Letters with Demos

Painting the NGS series of strokes that build all the brush skill sets. Going back a few decades there were 6 key-strokes that were practiced and used as a cornerstone for training signwriters. Some of these can be combined and so the distilled version we use is a better version. These separate the 3 most important strokes and combines the other 3 lesser important ones into more interesting and combinable shapes which I have found act as a far improved learning ‘forms’. 

D1.  4.00pm. Focus study with Demos

The painting of the ‘Forms’ then build sharp corner practice as show in pages 32 –  33 of our training manual. Further forms are introduced that are essentially NGS specialist techniques. These STs are not published.

D1.  Spacing and kerning rules and fine tuning tricks/checks explained in detail (manual p 67 – 68).

D1.  5.30pm Clean up and learning review. 

Incredibly important to learn the correct way of keeping your brushes in perfect working condition. The NGS brushes are custom designed for first time users. These are tagged to the student and can be purchased at trade price (zero profit) the end of the course.

Day 2

D2.  Sunday 10.00am start.

Painting re-orientation practice.

D2.  Free project design. from 11.00am until 1.30pm

Students can now select and create designs for painting throughout the day.

Tutors will allow students to work unsupervised with other participants in the room as co-learning partners.


D2.  Focus study

2.30pm  Learning review and demos

3.00pm – 5.00pm. Going Pro SWOT

Focus study based on student’s artistry direction/progression.

D2.   5.30pm. Clean up and review.

6.30pm.  Drinks at Sugahill Cafe

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Course Times:  

Friday 10th Nov 7.30pm – 9.00pm – Meet-up

D1 Saturday 10.00am – 5.30pm

D2 Sunday 10.00am – 5.30pm

The 6 Day Course

6 Day units 1-3 with 1 extra studio practice day

Following on from the Sunday session:

Day 3-4.  Outlining, Shading practice and the history of Roman Letters: Trajan and Sharpington of London.

Day 4 or 5. Free studio practice with start-up meeting and finish-up review.

Day 6. Cursive and script lettering.

Focus study: Designing layouts and site work/production skills sets.