Who This Course suits

 designed for all

Does this course suit beginners? Yeppo!

It’s totally cool to be a beginner! Everything is so new and unforgettable… and it’s a full 360 degrees

One of the biggest challenges I face as a teacher is getting you to stop for lunch!!!

I mean it’s really difficult once you get on the brush… 


Seriously good fun

If you decide to take up signwriting or Posca pen chalk boarding in any context this course is the benchmark and essential first step… the weekend will give you pretty much all the building blocks of hand created lettering. With a super cool 86 page handbook and journal included.


Above: Students from Camberwell School of Art create a window piece under the guidance of Nick Garrett

This course is designed for all levels and what that means is the very first stages of the learning program have been carefully compiled. It’s not an easy thing to do well lettering, yet the complete unfettered beginner can come in and start with this groundbreaking workshop and learn the foundation skills from the start.

Summarising who the course suits

  • For the complete beginner: a clear cut correct set of brush skill methods, design and 360 business overview
  • For the chalk artist & set painter: merging existing skill sets into a clean brush technique
  • For the signwriter: refining precision, shape and typographic historical references
  • For the student or creative pro: invaluable crossover skill sets for a wider pro practice and sharing

IN THE STUDIO – bring good vibes

The course is pretty directive and avoids academic waffle. It is important to bring to the room openness and a good, positive vibe. It’s all about the group.
Day 1 is fully loaded and you’ll have a course manual in hand to jot notes.


Video below: Pretty interesting little video this on the inside
Tobias and I chat about brushes to Robin, who, while showing a lot of interest also shows how difficult it is working and fielding non-stop questions. So when for example you may find yourself in the fortunate position to be shadowing a signwriter, first check if it’s ok to rattle away or just better to observe.
Robin wasn’t invited to joint the team and abused me via insta for years. Tobias is still in it – we are brush brothers after all. I’ve learnt from both but the best from the latter.
So empathy is very important. And a trusty note book.


You will learn

  • Care of tools
  • Design and pricing
  • Handling layouts
  • Setting up on site
  • Posture and relaxation
  • Health and safety
  • Spill clean ups
  • Painting super sharp letters
  • Spacing secrets
  • Marketing
  • Suppliers list
  • Self empowerment 
  • Handling clients


Signwriting is an fantastic creative practice | Building from the inside we start with easy gradients

If you want to excel and be the best you will need to optimise yourself from the inside first.

There is a lot to do guys, so waste not a moment in getting started and cherish this rejuvenating art.


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Believe in yourself and your brush. Above, Laura aged 11

All welcome –  all can do

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