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Hi, great that you are up for this dynamic course!

We have 2 main beginners+ courses running:

  • The 3 day Long Weekend (Friday evening 7.00 – 9.00pm meet. Sat/Sun 10am till 7pm).
  • 5 Days (6 sessions – with a freestyle day in the studio – you’ll want to have time without me harking on getting settled in with new skills).
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These courses are designed for newbies and will give you the essential skills on the brush to last a lifetime. They’ll get you exactly on the right track.

We will encourage you to look at what makes you tick as a creative, get you started gaining projects, adding another practice to your range and satisfy that burning curiosity about painting letters.

As a pro designer, product maker and artist it’s weird but there’s still no feeling quite like painting a sign.

Nick Garrett

Next Courses 2018: Jan, Feb

Winery Sign London Signwriter Nick Garrett

A Typographics and Signwriting bonanza!!!!

3 decades of making London a bit more beautiful

What type style works best across London, NYC and beyond?

Core styles of all great timeless lettering that you can apply in any way you like. Our studio typefaces are always ahead and on trend.

  • 75% of all premium lettering being procured across London is ‘puritan cool’ sans-serif
  • Serif letters are rolling back in fashion
  • We can hand you projects as you grow and are ready

Focusing on what counts builds your identity, structures and correct shapes. Then add shades. That’s what we teach… by Sunday afternoon you will be flying!

NGS Nick Garrett Signwriter of New Generation Signs London Uk


NGS, Unit 205, Regent House Business Centre,

291 Kirkdale, London SE26 4QD

Contact Nick +44 (0) 7960113799

If you can’t find us just head into Sugahill cafe and we’ll come and find you.

Yup… Google often gets our address wrong!!!

We are above Pure Gym on Kirkdale opposite Sugahill cafe.

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Special thanks to Francis Baker and Noel Weber..

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