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Since 2013 Once you get the harmony going with these brushes everything changes! And I mean everything! 

For 5 years NGS have been a mainstay in keeping this art alive and thriving, by sharing it all, with over 400 students.

If you really want to do something, you will work hard for it, cherishing your successes and learning from the challenges. 



2 Days weekend
5 Days extended

Summer 2018 is looking very busy setting up the new space in Sydenham, so check our September roster on the main menu and don’t miss out… get the brush in ya hand and experience analogue, creative fun!!

Weekender: Learn all the core brush skills
5 Days: Build and embed pro-level project delivery

Above: a few days into training and Chloe goes for real in Camden townconfidence and determination: that’s what we give our students from Day 1.

NGS courses get into professional practice.

… the brush is such a good life companion! It helps champion all.

Just add our strong brush skills, an amazing typographic toolbox and a loads of start up skills – every new student is a winner. For life.

Above: Nina Cornwall really rose to her own challenges over 3 courses. Today she will show you some amazing refinements to Typraphic styling… catch her in the studio at NGS.


I built the curriculum to deliver a realistic, powerful Pro-maker signwriting course. It’s all about focus and finishing. It’s not short of a stack of laughs but yep my ambition is to feed yours.

FAIR FEES – just fwd a ticket
Giving it right back to you.
  Signsmith fees are affordable.  Discounts for low income, start-ups and students (Sugahill cafe offers discounted healthy grub too). 
Talk to me today because I’ve been there.
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Fees & Info

Paint Party time August 24-26 & then September

‘Share the craft’ workshops 2018

The NGS London Signwriting workshops
 always ingite a creative passion and ambition in the artist or beginner alike – and we launch our new XL studio space in Sydenham!… so waste no more time thinking about this, get into gear, have some fun, let’s learn the essential skills and paint some great letters! Form fill below…

Best Nick Garrett, NGS Signwriting London

stopper, eye popper: proper signwriting

Learn to draw-up Strong Type. Switch the PC off.

Typographic design benefits greatly from revisiting real analogue drawing skills. Hand-drawn letters have all the beauty needed for the final design. I’ll show you the original architecture of letters. Typographic formulas and easy spacing laws that will improve your typographic/font design sets and  stay with you forever.

The work circuit: Shaping up as a New-pro writer!

Learn Pricing and efficient project strategies:  One of the big challenges is knowing how to price work and build a smooth production-based creative practice. Questions and answer sessions get that covered too.  

Signwriting is holistic and a dynamic lifestyle:  A bit like taking your studio out on the street, on top of a ladder!  And when all done and dusted an exhilirating sense of acheivement.

Learn the breathing, posture and relaxation techniques that I’ve employed in recent years, from teaching Tai Chi and meditation over the past 3 decades. Very important skills to have when you need them most.

Gemstone skills explained.  Learn proper posture and body-to-brush control: Maximise output and avoid fatigue and even longer term burn-out risk. If you pick up the right skills from day 1, your career can run smoothly. 

This course aims to be your essential, long-term investment.

Drilled down Painting Tech: for control & cleanest finishing

 I’ve designed a stable set of brush practices that accelerate your finishing skills… you’ll be amazed at how sharp your letters will become in 2 days.

Your Freestyle days

By the end of day 1 you’ll be marking up designs and painting under your own steam… Day 2 Sunday will be a fantastic burst of production! You’ll love this workshop.

Layout & production

Photoshop layout tricks are so important when preparing a project on time. Lets share some core fast-track layout skills.

Our 86 page, signed studio manual ‘Bones of Painted Letters’ NGS

The NGS dedicated studio manual shadows the workshop training days and acts as a great back-up ref manual, with plenty of notebook pages in the back for your coursework, learning journal entries.

There is no motivation higher than passion

Learn vintage scripts

Share your knowledge…
to achieve…

Dalai Lama

Sharp finishing is easily picked up Day 2

 There is no wealth greater than creativity…

Nick Garrett

Sugahill Cafe’s fun and relaxing good food!

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Head foodie Yaz will serve us superb, healthy eats. Top man, the incomparable DJ Chris Arch serves up some awesome Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae and classic vibe records on sale alongside great food and wine. Look out for Sugahill events and live music nites too.


Let us know what you’d like to learn and choose a course to suit.

We’ll forwad you all the heads-up & fees by return.
All courses start with a Friday evening meet and greet vino and nibble intro, and brush talk.