NGS Signsmiths Signwwriting Courses UK – You will learn solid skills and brush mechanics

First time finishing a sign! A sign of relief!!

Above: WOW first job done!! The moment you finish your first sign. Chloe Garrett 2015. Signwriter Hannah Matthews in the background.

NGS signwriting courses 2018

All to learn – nothing to lose.  Core skills on these 2 or 5 day courses!

Discounts for students – Great valuable learning, the inner workings of signwriting.


New people and New Skills that will help you

You are probably thinking… I’d really love to  do this… but can I do this?

The answer is definitely yes. We all started out pretty much on the same mountain. I teach in smart gradients that ease you up the slopes. For some it takes a bit longer than others but we get you there.

I remember rounding the corner of my signwriting teacher’s workshop for the first time, drawing a deep breath, heart pounding, entering his studio and the unknown. ”Cup of tea mate? Kettles over there…” Andy went from one cup of tea to the next, swinging his brush with effortless ease… he was squatting atop a strong bench whisking out Dom Casual tickets in french blue, Keep’s ‘Intenso’ poster writers paint.

It was a joy to see.

Those letters were immaculate… I stayed brewing, supping and learning how to do them.


Key techniques are understanding layouts, brush control and getting the right projects on board and work experience opportunities.

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The Painted Letters Course with Nick Garrett, NGS Signwriting, London  

Our ‘new Pro’ Courses 2018

You wanna get working?  This is the best start for beginners or experienced alike. Learn the right way from the start.

 NGS sign gilding classes

All the boxes ticked… and yes you can paint superb letters!

Learn how to tend your brushes, set up on site, create layouts, execute super sharp lettering and all the marketing and pricing up client side too. This course has it all covered. Free book and suppliers list included.

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Dave King

April Workshops   3 places left

6-7-8 April 3 places left The 3 day Long Weekend (Friday evening 7.00 – 9.00pm meet. Sat/Sun 10am till 5.30pm). 5 Days (6 sessions)



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