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Summer 2018 We have a busy roster of projects and with all the shenanigans going on with Letterheads 2018 London Calling we are putting together a big meeting in September. Stay tuned! Nick Garrett

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We take great lettering ideas and creativity and transform them into pro-practices, add strong brush skills and an amazing typographic toolbox and a strong box of start up skills for every new student.

FEES on application – Giving back … made affordable. Discounts for low income, start-ups and students.
We’ll get you ahead of Trend … teach you wicked retro type design and instill great set up skills and of course, all on the Inside about commercial delivery and project pricing. We’ll also hatch new exciting guests and creative input to make each workshop truly special.
It is a meeting of creative minds and a sharing of the engine room of lettering. You’ll walk out of the studio with a whole range of opportunities ahead of you. . Welcome! Spread to the word (and letters) and Share this page. .

Nick Garrett

I’m here prioritising your learning and giving back to an art that has given me so much. I have trained over 400 sign enthusiastes over the past 5 years. With 40 years in lettering, graphics and product design my career has been a global roller-coaster full of great  moments and material to pass on. See you in-house to share the fun.

Suits newbies & beginners… what you’ll need

We’ll get back to you by return via mobile or Whatsapp +44 (0)7960113799. Tools, materials prices, dates and where we are, are all covered in your response email. Talk to us now or send us a ticket. Click the link for course info.

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Pro-user manual – FREE!

Our manual took in 40 years of techniques and 4 years of laying down into 86 pages of solid ground rules and techniques. The course itself  has a diploma standard but it’s an ongoing journey, developing new material to and from reality. This  book is all about getting students into pro practice. Get one free and Share this post!

NGS Gilding Interiors, Home, Retail
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Fire away with questions!

Let us know what you’d like to learn and choose a course to suit. We’ll forwad you all the heads-up & fees by return.

Here's the 2 main courses - the 6x5 days has the addition of glass gilding component as an option.