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Our short courses touch base with all the key areas of signwriting practice including modern retro styles, classic sans serifs and romans and Latin cursive scripts.

Understand Innovation and Sign Craft with our practical and intensive vocational signpainter course. You will explore project creation, idea generation and design. You will be developing your typographic innovation skills and applying these to your personal sign projects throughout the studio workshop.

And of course you will be learning how to paint beautiful letters.

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From the first moments of the course you will know you are in the right place to learn this craft.

I focus everything, to make those first steps memorable and stand out clear and easy.

Nick Garrett


the revival is over - now we have another heyday

A New Heyday of crafted letters

Signsmiths London NGS

Overview of truly work orientated Signwriting training, in its newest form.

A fair amount has been written about the recent resurgence in interest in the craft of signwriting. In the past 5 years a steadily increasing demand for hand written signs has characterised architectural and retail developments across the UK.

My response to this trail blazing trend is to teach the new crop of lettering enthusiasts a clear technique of painting letters, alongside my own professional signwriting practice – but to teach it in a completely new way… as it should be taught, in working parts, that can be applied immediately.


This course is also structured to a new Diploma Foundation Level 04 study, rolling out in February 2017.  It means you can gain real qualifications on the back of assessments and solid practice with a course designed by NGS to work.

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Monthly Sign painting Courses in London UK – 2 Days or 5 Days

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Monthly Sign painting Courses in London UK – 2 Days or 5 Days


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Keeping this craft alive.

Special thanks to Noel Weber, Dave Smith, Jack Hollands, Tobias Newbigin, Kevin Roberts, for continually inspiring

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